The partnership has been developed in very logic and thought out way. First of all partners have been chosen from checked organisations in Europe. To achieve EU balance there were taken partners from all parts of Europe. To strenght partnership there are also partners from Turkey. The construction of the consortium is made in the way, that, apart of leader there are 6 partners from 3 countries. However there are 3 partners from scientific institutions ( IHAR (PL), BAUN (TR), FUJ (ES)) who will take care of scientific quality and tasks of the project and 3 NGOs ( ARID (PL), GROWTH (ES) , and public organisation KB(TR)) who will be responsible for piloting and dissemination activities. Moreover some of the partners in this consortium already worked and cooperated together in the previous projects (ARID and BAUN and Growth). This is the guarantee of the good and smooth cooperation.

Some of the partners are new in the Strategic partnership projects (KB (TR) however they have experienced staff and will fulfill all necessary tasks. As an additional value University from Spain, as an experienced partner will be responsible for overal supervising quality of the project and its products.

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